Parenting Coordination

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

         A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is appointed by the court to assist parents in resolving parenting issues while focusing on the best interest of the child/ren.

         A PC is trained in Parenting Coordination as well as Domestic Relations Mediation and should be either a mental health professional or an attorney in Indiana.

For me. parenting coordination feels like the next step when a relationship ends and co-parenting begins.  If you share a child, it really is till death do you part.  And that doesn't have to be a miserable prospect!  Even the most conflicted and volatile co-parents can learn to make their new relationship successful for their children.

As a Clinical Psychologist and certified Domestic Relations Mediator, I feel I have a unique toolbox to draw from when assisting co-parents in this process.  It is not therapy.  However, I use therapeutic tools, common-sense, and knowledge of the legal issues to help implement, modify, and mediate parenting plans.

I look forward to this work with parents as there is so much hope, and possibility of positive outcomes for the children as well as the adults!