Dr. Shaena Gardner, PsyD, HSPP


I am married with three children, two dogs, and a frog. We have lived in Fishers since 2005, following the completion of my postdoctoral internship at the Hamilton Center in Terre Haute. I attended undergraduate at the University of Kentucky and swam there as well. I was originally pre-med, but fell in love with psychology in PSY 101 and really never looked back. I completed my Masters degree at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky and my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.


I was involved in a group practice in Fishers for many years and then spent several years in Geriatric and Rehabilitative Psychology recently. I did fall in love with the elderly population but the intense focus on the financial bottom-line was really disheartening and counterproductive to therapy. Therefore, I am heading back to private practice and out on my own. I am looking forward to helping people based solely upon their needs and desires, without unwanted input from insurance companies.


For fun, I drive my kids carpools and go to all their sporting events! Actually, my husband and I love the beach and watching movies. I love our dogs, who are both rescues, and would probably have ten if it weren't for my husband's sense of reason. And if I've got some free time, I love a good book.