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I am not “in network” with any insurance company. (Don't stop reading).

The reasons that I am choosing not to contract with any insurance companies are plentiful and include:

*I don't want them to dictate the length or type of therapy you are receiving.

*I don't want to have to diagnose you if you don't need a diagnosis. Insurance companies require a diagnosis for billing.

*I don't want to be threatened to be removed from their list of providers if I disagree with decisions they make about your treatment.

*The payment process is often cumbersome and arbitrary with different companies paying different amounts for the same services.


The reasons why you might not want to choose an “in network” mental health provider are summed up very nicely by a fellow therapist, Annie Wright.

I can summarize below:

*Many people coming to therapy do not need to be diagnosed for any other reason than to bill an insurance company. Why do you want a diagnosis if you don't have to have one?

*Privacy and Confidentiality.

*Quality of services. You may not be able to find exceptional providers in network any longer.




I will provide you with a “Superbill” upon payment, which you may submit to your insurance company for "out of network" benefits. My hope is that the difference between what you would pay for an "in network" copay and the reimbursement from "out of network benefits" will not be a substantial difference.

You can use FSA/HSA/HRA credit cards, as well as all major credit cards, and I have a HIPAA compliant credit card processing system for those.

      What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality-Plutarch

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