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Psychological assessment is another tool psychologists have in our unique toolbox that helps us assist you. Since mental health is not like physical health and we cannot order an MRI to see exactly what is going on in your psyche, these tests provide information that help to clarify diagnoses and assist with treatment planning. Often times, the test is like a short cut, in that we get to an answer more quickly than we would relying solely on talk therapy.


Testing and Assessments:





*Career Development/Vocational





*Social Skills


*Career/Vocational Assessments focus on exploring your interests, personality traits, skills, and values to help with job and career direction.

*Educational Assessments include cognitive and achievement testing focusing on academic concerns.

*Psycho-Educational Assessments would further include emotional and behavioral measures as well as social skills evaluation.

*Neuropsychological Assessments focus on memory as well as cognition.

*Psychiatric, Psychological and Personality Assessments focus on assessing emotional and personality functioning as well as formulating diagnostic clarification for the purpose of treatment planning.

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